Q&A Most Asked Questions

How to Receive Photos after a Session

Every session is different & all images are edited so that does take time. Within the processthere is a 2 week wait time for photos to be done editing & sent to an online gallery. During the holidays it will be a turn around time of 3 to 4 weeks. By doing so please be patient with me & don't rush me. If needing the photos sooner please let me know when booking. I can accommodate any request with respect! 

Expectations on Booking Newborns

When considering booking for your newest bundle of joy would recommend 1 to 5 days old. That way your little one gets the full experience of being wrapped & placed without waking or moving. Also, consider feeding time/diaper changing during the session. Time taken away will limit the session. 

What rights do I have to the digital prints?

If your selected packages include digital files you will receive reproduction rights to all your images. This gives you the right to reproduce the images how they are edited and sent from me for personal use. Including prints, sharing them on your social media, making canvases, etc. Commercial use is not allowed if not separately agreed on in the contract. Which includes cropping photos, sharing watermarked photos, or even altering the photos within their original edited version. Have questions please reach out to me on this!

What if it is raining during an outdoor session or due to the weather there is no sunset?

In the case of rain or bad weather, we will have to improvise! Sometimes that means finding shelter or finding another creative way to capture the moment. If the weather is potentially damaging to our equipment we will be restricted to areas that we can safely shoot. Bad weather is not typically a reason itself to cancel a session unless it's pouring out, a blizzard or a major heatwave. If possible we’ll try our best to find alternative arrangements – e.g. change locations, wait for the weather out or move to studio. Please note, that there are no refunds due to weather that would be out of my hands. So please plan accordingly to booking!

How to go ahead & book a session?

When booking makes sure to fill out the form accommodating all information prior to the session. Including date/time with the set calendar & pricing, name of children if minors, how many are attending, etc. I will get an email response to confirm everything is good once booked. All packages are set prices no negotiating! Also what is in the package will be received. No session will go on if not paid or booked online. All appointments are taken as booked, so if needing more time or extra time slot prices will vary! 

Are you available to stay longer if we want to hire you for more time on the spot?

Depending on the availability & bookings going on for that day. I don't see why not? Each session is different & most times, not every session is going to get those moments captured in the first 10 minutes. It takes time to warm little one's up & older kids. Getting extra time is fine as long as it is paid & not taken advantage of.

If we cancel our booking will we receive a refund back?

In this case, if you cancel your appointment for anything. You will not receive a refund! However, we understand that unforeseen events can happen, so we try to work on alternatives if possible – e.g. Rescheduling finding a new date/time. Or changing locations. 

What happens if we are running late or can't find parking to our shoot? Will you extend the shooting time?

I like to arrive early to every shoot to look at surrounding areas, google the park and find parking accordingly.  So as a followup would like to have clients do the same.  Life happens I know but running late makes me run late. I space appointments out accordingly and make sure I get time to drive or set up for others. So please be respectful!

For this reason, I am now charging!

  There will be a $20 fee for arriving late due at the time of appointment. Either credit card or cash. No refunds! I do have to maintain a business so everyone please understand and plan accordingly!

Which form of payments do accept?

For easy payment of your deposit and package, we offer a comfortable online payment option. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. If you prefer PayPal is available.

Do you charge for travel?

I want to keep it simple for everyone booking. Sometimes it happens where you're in your own backyard and you want to do a photo shoot. Depending on location if it's within reasonable traveling (30 miles) then no charge. But if further then yes a $30 fee will be added for every extra 10 miles to drive.  Please be respectful!

What other products do you offer?

I offer a full range of products including prints, wall art, blankets, hardcover books and more. Each session can take a full range at options by purchasing products through their gallery or by simply letting me know and an additional fee will be included if I have to place order and ship to home.